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Practice makes 'Perfect'

By: Sissy Greisman

I started practicing yoga decades ago. I liked the focus on the breath. I liked the challenge of the poses. I liked how I could sense energy within the room. And most of all, I liked how I felt by the end of class.

Yoga means union. A union connecting our physical body with our emotional self. Yoga is like a chalice for one’s being. It is a journey without a destination, as the journey is itself is the destination. The journey is one of well-being, both physical and mental.

And, so I practice on my mat. And when I am on the mat, I feel supported and safe.

But as long and as often as I might practice -- never will I find “perfect.” That’s why yoga is called a practice. It’s in the practice you find the magic. It's in the practice you find self compassion. It's in the practice you find and more space for being than you thought possible. Like I often say “yoga is just a practice.” What an awesome amazing transformational practice it is.


Sissy is a 200-hour Registered Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who is also trained in somatic and yin yoga. With a lighthearted approach to teaching yoga, Sissy uses evidence based research to help students achieve well-being and better health. When not practicing, Sissy can be found hiking and enjoying nature. You can practice with Sissy at Myna Yoga on Wednesday mornings at 9:00am.

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