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may you be filled with love and compassion, awareness and wisdom in all that you do

Myna = Asian Bird

myna birds symbolize unity

The word Myna represents a bird native to Southern Asia, specifically Pakistan and India. Often flocking together with others, Mynas have learned that they are stronger together. Through yoga, we understand that all life is connected, that we are in a relationship with others, and that we have a responsibility to care for one another. The best way to uplift our own lives is to do all that we can to uplift the lives of others, just like Mynas.

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Origin of our Name

the word myna evokes feelings of love, trust, and connection

Myna was the name that Maheen’s Nani (grandmother) lovingly called her since she was a child. Maheen’s Nani was an inspirational and influential figure who showed her the power of a woman’s courage, strength, and grace. She persevered against many odds, and despite it all, she always had a sweet smile and met everyone with kindness. Maheen’s Nani passed away in November 2021. To Maheen, the word Myna reminds her of her grandmother and evokes feelings of love, trust, and unwavering connection.


What is Myna Yoga?

a space and practice that is bigger than the individual

Myna Yoga is a studio that embodies harmony, self-discovery, and community. Founded by Maheen Taqui, a Pakistani American, Myna Yoga is a space and practice that is bigger than the individual. Myna Yoga seeks to empower all bodies, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and offer a safe space for grounding, centering, and aligning body, breath, and intention. As a refugee, a person of color, and a foster mother, Maheen understands first-hand the complexities and challenges that underserved and BIPOC communities face. She also knows the impact that access to tools, such as yoga, can have on an individual’s well-being.

Why practice yoga?

mindfulness engenders awareness & compassion

Maheen’s love for yoga and passion for community service blossomed when she traveled throughout Southeast Asia in 2010. On her journey, she experienced the practice of meditation while living in a humble Buddhist temple in Northern Thailand. During her time, she taught English to the monks and worked with Burmese refugees. Here she learned how to still her mind and heart. Yoga has helped Maheen grow not only stronger and more flexible, but deeply connected and self-aware. She believes in creating classes that deepen connections and wants to leave her students with a strong sense of belonging and accomplishment.

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meet the team

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Maheen Taqui

Maheen is the owner of Myna Yoga and is a 200-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), specializing in Hatha Raja Vinyasa. Grounded in her family and hobbies, Maheen is a mother of 3 to Aun, Cy, and Amala, a lover of adventure and curiosity, and passionate about interpersonal dynamics. 

Sissy Greisman

Sissy is a 200-hour Registered Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who is also trained in somatic and yin yoga. With a lighthearted approach to teaching yoga, Sissy uses evidence based research to help students achieve well-being and better health. When not practicing, Sissy can be found hiking and enjoying nature.   

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