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deepen your mind-body awareness & leave with a sense of understanding and belonging

At Myna Yoga, we create classes that are:


Being mindful & intentional about creating a positive environment


Connecting mind, body, and spirit in an intentional way


Ensuring all needs are met & all voices & bodies are respected


Providing a unique balance between challenge and support


Allowing students to move at their own pace & in their own way


Encouraging real and honest connection between people

Myna Vinyasa

Myna Vinyasa, our signature class, is known for its dynamically sequenced flow that unites movement with breath, body, and spirit.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga combines a series of asanas (postures) with a gentler, lighter-paced flow. Appropriate for beginners or regular practitioners.

Level I

Level I introduces the fundamentals of yoga practice and best serves those new to yoga and those trying to work around injuries.

Lunchtime Flow

Lunchtime Flow offers a mid-day reset by energizing the body and mind, and shifts your perspective to take on the rest of the day. 

Reach Your Peak

Reach Your Peak allows the student to move deeper into their practice by exploring more intermediate and advanced asanas (postures).

Moon meditations

Moon meditations are a form of guided meditation which uses visualization to encourage healing and relaxation.

Slow Flow Yin Yoga

Slow Flow Yin Yoga integrates a slow flowing sequence with the soothing benefits of gentle yin postures. 

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is designed to help prepare the body and mind for labor, birth, and motherhood. Postures are carefully chosen to be supportive.

Yoga for Children

This playful class gives elementary-aged children an opportunity to build focus, strength, flexibility, mindfulness, and self-resilience.

Private Classes

Private sessions can be scheduled for individuals or groups. These sessions are a great way to gain insight into poses and understand yoga.

"Myna Yoga is my favorite part of Tuesdays" 

Myna Yoga is my favorite part of Tuesdays. It's my weekly mindfulness and yoga session. Maheen is a great teacher. I really love that we start each class with an intention.


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